• How does OEM build a successful brand

    How does OEM build a successful brand As China’s cosmetics market continues to expand and consumer demand for skincare continues to grow, cosmetics have become a get-rich-quick business as well as a money-burning one.I believe many investors have thought about creating their own cosmetics b...
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  • Correct usage of ginseng pearl cream

    Natural pearl cream is a nourishing cream, pearl powder contains trace element zinc, can maintain the skin luster and silky; Zinc is linked to the activity of about 300 enzymes that promote growth and development, and adherence to pearl creams can boost cellular activity and prevent or delay skin...
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  • About toner

    About toner

    Moisturizing water The toner can moisturize and hydrate (because there is a lot of water). At the same time, moisturizing water also contains a variety of polyol moisturizers (glycerin, propylene glycol, diglycerin, butylene glycol, etc.), as well as various other moisturizing ingredients such as...
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  • The topped products—ginseng pearl cream

    Yunyang Ace Products Pearl Cream is a nutrient cream. The trace element zinc contained in pearl powder can maintain the skin’s luster and smoothness. Zinc is related to the activity of about 300 enzymes, which can promote growth and development. Cell viability, preventing or delaying skin a...
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  • How to choose facial cleanser?

    There are two types of facial cleanser, a kind of mint, suitable for oily skin. It feels cool after washing your face. It is super refreshing, such as our mint ice cream cleansing.   Another amino acid suitable for dry, neutral and sensitive skin. This facial cleanser is especially gentle and sen...
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  • Yunyang, committed to the international market

    Yunyang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. provides private customized cosmetics services, mainly produces and processes various skin care products, attracts cooperation from many domestic and foreign customers, advanced production equipment, and constantly improves management level and strict quality supervisi...
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  • Pass GMP, ISO22716 quality system again

    Pass GMP, ISO22716 quality system again

    In march 2019, Guangzhou YunYang cosmetic passed the inspection of GMP and ISO22716 quality system again. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved...
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