The Process: Private Label

your product selection
Choosing the products for your skincare line could be an overwhelming process, but our knowledgeable sales associates are expertly trained to guide you through the process with ease. They are taught to ask the right questions, allowing you to build your product selections effortlessly and expertly; while knowingly meeting the needs of your clientele.You will review our entire line of advanced formulations, choosing your products and ordering samples where necessary to test out your products before selection. And, there is never a charge for your product consultation.

Picking Your Packaging
Once your product selections have been chosen, your account executive will guide you through our packaging choices. while it could be a formidable task, we will make it easy for you. After a few key questions regarding your vision and budget, your sales associate will help you select a range of product packaging options to create a cohesive, on-brand look.

Establishing Your Brand Identity
Now that your private label skincare products are selected and your packaging has been chosen, you will move on to discussing your brand. It’s important that you understand WHO you are selling to, as well as WHO you are as a company,to create a look that resonates with you and your customers.

 Designing Your Packaging
Once your branding has been established, and your products and packing chosen, we will move on to designing your packaging. At YunYang Cosmetic, this is much more than adding a logo to a preexisting label, this is a design process to translate your BRAND onto your skincare products.
Our design team will design one versions of your labels for you to electronically review and provide feedback. Our streamlined creative process is both effective and efficient, ensuring you the fastest turnaround time possible.

Marketing & Selling Your Product
Our support doesn’t end just because you have received your new private label skincare line. Our team of educated professionals will continue to provide you with the information and guidance you need to effectively market and sell your products. From our online ingredient database, to our on-staff skincare professionals, we will provide you with the information you need to be successful in the skincare market.
For more information on Private Label and how to get started, contact us and your new account representative will be happy to assist you.

YunYang Cosmetic will always provide you with advanced, medical grade skincare products for private label. After more than 15 years in the professional skincare industry, our products have evolved out of years of research, testing and feedback.

Throughout these last two decades, we have concluded that the most important part of the private label process is ensuring that we understand you, your brand, and your goals – essentially, your vision. That’s why our highly trained sales experts work with you to guide you through the private label process; asking the right questions to help craft the perfect product line for your clientele.
At YunYang Cosmetic, our focus is on the success of your skincare line, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations every step of the way.
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